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June 30, 2012


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Bill Turnier

I was hoping you were going to as us to identify the building because it was one I could have identified. Alderman looks fine from the front but hideous from the back because the land drops off sharply leaving the building to cover about six stories with little character, somewhat like our own beloved Van Hecke-Wettach.

The governor is obviously anxious to be tabbed by Romney as his veep candidate and most of his choices as well as his threat to fire the bunch seem to be consistent with that aspiration. The fiasco at UVa and the vaginal probing ultrasound that he initially supported were stumbling blocks that he now seems to have avoided.

Alfred Brophy

Sorry about that, Bill! I was going to use that as a library trivia question, but I think it's possible to read the name on the front of the building. I did, however, have a C'ville trivia question earlier in the week and I'll look around for another one shortly.


The UVA Faculty Senate, which was behind much of the momentum that resulted in Sullivan's reinstatement and which had explicitly asked for Dragas's resignation, is now playing nice, too. See its statement on her reappointment here:

Alfred Brophy

Thank you for this, anon. I think that's further evidence that the process of reconciliation is afoot. Your thoughts?

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