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June 29, 2012


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The Wythe house in Williamsburg, so George Wythe?

Law professor to Jefferson, Tucker, and Marshall, namesake of W&M Law, and judge on the Virginia court of chancery.

Alfred Brophy

Shannon! You got it. That didn't take long -- about nine minutes. I think that's a record. Congratulations.


I feel like I cheated--I'm W&M law alum and when I lived in Williamsburg I ran through CW (and by George Wythe's house) frequently. Just glad you finally did one that I know (and happened to catch on my lunch!)

Alfred Brophy

That's not cheating ... that's relevant knowledge!

Bill Turnier

I think it is one of about four buildings in Colonial Williamsburg that are not reproductions.

Suzanne Munson

Found your blog on Google Alert for George Wythe. I am writing a biography about this excellent man--America's forgotten Founding Father. Hope to finish the book this fall.
Suzanne Harman Munson
Richmond, VA

Alfred Brophy

Suzanne (if I may), very much looking forward to reading your biography. You have likely already seen my colleague Wythe Holt's article on Chancellor Wythe in the Alabama Law Review back in 2007:

You may also have seen Terry Meyers' important article on ideas about slavery in Williamsburg in the 18th century:

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