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June 15, 2012


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I visited the John Marshall House a couple of years ago. As the tour was ending, I asked the docent whether his grave was within walking distance. (Just trying to make small talk.) She said, "Oh no, it's much too far!" I knew, and I assume she did as well, that Marshall had made the walk countless times after his wife Polly died. I got there just fine.

Alfred Brophy

Thanks for commenting, Daniel -- perhaps in defense of the docent, I-95 now cuts between the Marshall House and the cemetery. But I'll say that it's well, well worth the trip.

This may be my favorite cemetery -- hard to compete with Mount Auburn, of course. Or with Hollywood, which is also in Richmond. But this has some absolutely fabulous antebellum monuments; some great grave art and a really interesting collection of people. Hard for me to think of a cemetery I prefer, though none of these graves go back to the eighteenth century. The cemetery at St. John's church certainly gives it a run, too -- though it's much smaller.

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