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June 22, 2012


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Tamar Birckhead

Thanks for this post, Al. I'm heartbroken to hear this news. Ann's spirit and wit encouraged me greatly when she visited at UNC. She will be missed.

Judith Wegner

Thanks, Al. Lovely post. She will be greatly missed. You captured her spirit very powerfully--Judith

Jim Jenkins

I was in high school with Ann Scales in Winston-Salem, N.C., R.J. Reynolds High, class of 1970. She was an innovative thinker even then, well-spoken, clearly destined for the academy and "crusading." Evidently, she accomplished both. I now read of her inspirational gift to students, and am not surprised.

Ann Bartow

She was amazing - brilliant, warm, funny and inspiring. Her book is fantastic too; pick up a copy if you don't have one.

Beckie Hunter

Thank you very much for your memories! Scales was my sister Anne Hunter's best friend at Wellesley and beyond. I met her several times on their adventures. I have arranged for a Wikipedia page to be created, and added a link to this page there.
Please add anything pertinent, and spread the word widely, so people can add links or edit info and this will be a lasting place of information and joy in memories of her.

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