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April 25, 2012


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You would think they would have tried to keep him for another term, but the public statements on both sides seem pretty tepid. By all public indicators, it seems that he has been a successful dean, with the only apparent negative being the mixed one that he was frequently mentioned as a decanal candidate at higher ranked schools.

One weird question, though: has anyone ever seen a photo of Chen in which he is smiling?

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Dean Jim Chen is one of my Facebook friends and someone I happen to have enormous respect and admiration for (and not only because he dragged me kicking and screaming into the blogosphere). I can assure Anon that there are plenty of photos in which Jim is smiling, and I'm certain there are others who've seen these photos as well (an inference based on the fact that he has well over 1,000 FB friends).

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