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April 06, 2012


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Robert Folsom

The building is the Jamestowne Memorial Church in Jamestown, Virginia. The tower in the front of the church is original and is all that remains of the church that was built in 1639 (which, at the time, was the fourth church at that location). It is one of the oldest English-built structures in the United States. The remainder of the church was built in 1907.

Alfred Brophy

Robert--you are very, very good. You are, of course, correct.

I took this on a visit to Jamestown that I made with a few friends when we were all at the Southern Intellectual History Circle conference at William and Mary back in February. I'd never been to Jamestown, so I was most excited by the chance to see it. This is one of the few buildings -- actually, I think it's the only building -- still standing from the era of settlement. I very much wish they hadn't rebuilt the back part of the church in the early 20th century. I thought that detracted in significant ways from the elegance of the tower. It was, still, a very exciting visit and on that particular afternoon, as the winter wind swept in from the James River one could begin to glimpse the harsh conditions that settlers faced.

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