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March 21, 2012


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I have mostly been annoyed that I needed to get a new frequent flyer number. (United should have kept theirs and made the Continental people change!) But as far as slogans go, few will ever beat some of the old SEPTA slogans. (SETPA is the metro and regional transit in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.) Recent ones included "We're Getting There" and "Serious About Change". The "change" one used to annoy me, since they were so serious about change that they didn't give any, despite having a fee that required some.

Kim Krawiec

My experience on United last week pretty much mirrored this -- no ability to use the computer, old frequent flyer numbers didn't work, no ability to look up new numbers, etc. etc. So it looks as if they've managed to adopt new processes and systems that neither set of employees understand. I was particularly understanding and good natured about this, having just traveled 20 hours with the flu. And, naturally, my rant was completely effective in getting the desired results.

Jacqui Lipton

I feel your pain, Kim!

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