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March 05, 2012


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Jason Mazzone

That's John C. Calhoun's office at Fort Hill where he wrote "The South Carolina Exposition and Protest."

Alfred Brophy

You're awesome, Jason. As always, you're correct.


Admire your contraction of that and are.

I don't think I have ever seen that done.

Alfred Brophy

I'm trying to fit in around these parts, Tom!

Here's the cemetery story. As I was driving out of town (Clemson) this weekend, I spied a cemetery on the right, so I did a quick u-turn. The cemetery is next to the football stadium -- I love that. Anyway, at the top is the Calhoun family plot. Calhoun is buried down in Charleston and his wife somewhere else (I'm thinking maybe Columbia, don't rightly remember now); but there are a bunch of his children and descendants. And you know what I found inside? Several cemetery markers with US flags -- not Confederate flags, US flags. One of his descendants (maybe a grandson?) fought in the Spanish American War. Pretty amazing changes when the Calhoun family cemetery has US flags in it and no Confederate flags, seems to me. (I get that the Spanish American War was part of the reconciliation between North and South, but still poignant that there are no Confederate flags to be found there -- and I have been surprised at how few there are in cemeteries I've been visiting of late in general.)

I've got a couple of other cool cemetery stories from this trip -- with pictures, coming soon.

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