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March 28, 2012


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Bob Strassfeld


This sounds like a great conference. Wish I could be there. If anyone speaks about depictions of African American lawyers in fiction, I would love to hear about it.

Kelly Anders

Yes, this sounds fascinating. Is the image you selected to accompany your post by Romare Bearden, or possibly Jacob Lawrence?

Bob, in response to your query about African-American lawyers in fiction, I recently read the David Mamet play, "Race," which features an African-American lawyer with interesting views about...race. It is an uncomfortable read, but an important part of the debate that is seldom addressed. Certainly, there are other depictions, but this one immediately comes to mind because I just finished reading the play. The character was portrayed by David Alan Grier on Broadway in its initial run.

Alfred Brophy

The image is Jacob Lawrence, Lawyer and Clients. I got the idea for this from the conference brochure, which uses it and also Lawrence's The Library, as I recall.

Kelly Anders

How fitting (and thoughtful). Bearden and Lawrence are among my favorite artists.

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