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March 07, 2012


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Kelly Anders

I find it interesting that he was speaking in support of increased diversity at HLS, considering today's article on Above the Law: It's sad to think that a school of that stature might still be struggling with the same issues 21 years later.

David J. Garrow

Al's instincts are once again very good, as these clowns can't even get the *year* of the event correct: the rally in question occurred on 24 April 1990. The next day's Boston Globe carried a substantive story on it, and the next day's NYTimes ran a photo of it.

Alfred Brophy

Thanks for the kind words and correction of the date, David.

Kelly Anders

Thanks, David. Make that "almost 22 years later."

Alfred Brophy

Fox News is really making a lot, a lot, more out of this story than it warrants. I was expecting to see a much longer video on Sean Hannity's show last night -- instead, what they showed was an additional few seconds beyond what was already released, which showed Obama hugging Bell. And then they went into some discussion about Bell's "Space Traders" short story. At least Hannity acknowledged that it was science fiction.

That was about it for the discussion of Bell's ideas and work; after that it was essentially just the tag line that Bell was a race-obsessed radical. Shouldn't there have been some kind of focus on Bell's signature work, like his interest convergence article?

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Derrick Bell is a good man.

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