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February 01, 2012


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Kim Krawiec

Great post, David. And a fascinating question. I'd love to know more about your course and possibly see a reading list if you're willing to pass it on at some point. Best, Kim

Becca Rausch

I'd also like to see a reading list if possible.

When you cover this topic, do you also discuss the source of the transplanted uterus? Does the uterus come from a recently deceased woman, the same way a heart would be sourced for transplant, or can another living woman (perhaps someone who has a healthy reproductive system but no interest in bearing her own children) donate her uterus to the recipient, similar to a kidney or liver transplant? How much of a woman's personhood is tied up in her reproductive organs, contemplated from both the donor and recipient perspectives, and might live donors shift norms?

Consider the planned mother-daughter live donation in Sweden

versus the successful deceased donor transplant in Turkey

Also, do you discuss the social values of reproduction versus the social values of self-sufficiency as a foundation for distinctions between concerns about various types of "life-enhancing" transplants (i.e., uterus v. hand)?

Interested in hearing comments on these issues, as well as what students may have said. Thanks for the great post.

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