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February 18, 2012


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Brando Simeo Starkey

Colonial Drug in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; sit-in protests?

Brando Simeo Starkey

Actually, I don't think that's right.

Alfred Brophy

Very close. You're on the right street.

Brando Simeo Starkey

Clarence’s Bar & Grill?

Alfred Brophy

You are good! That's it exactly. Back in the day, it was a segregated bar and was the object of protest.

It's now an Italian restaurant, Trilussa La Trattoria, on Franklin Street.

The book store in the picture deserves some comment down the road as well. I bought a book there some years ago, before I moved to Chapel Hill. Sort of amusing story, which I blogged about a few years back:

Brando Simeo Starkey

I am good ... with Google Maps!

Apparently whites used to throw feces at blacks from that place.

“That was the spot we always had to watch,” Foushee said. “That’s where you would expect anything to come out of that doorway — urine, feces — I mean anything.”

Alfred Brophy

Some people clung to Jim Crow with great tenacity.

Brian Clarke

As for the other corner, my best guess is the Bus Station Grill at the Trailways Bus Station, which was also the site of integration sit-ins in the early 1960s in Chapel Hill. [Now the site of the Franklin Hotel].

Alfred Brophy

Brian -- you're good! That was one of the bus stations in Chapel Hill. The other was over by Columbia and Rosemary; there's a highway marker there now, which I happened to pass this morning. I'd have stopped, but I didn't have time. I'll get a picture of that sometime soon. The bus station was knocked down a few years back; as you say, the Franklin Hotel is there now. Great hotel, btw.

Sally Greene blogged about this a while back:

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