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February 24, 2012


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Richard Paschal

Well, it's the Pita Pit now. And this is a shot in the dark, but is this where the Dairy Bar was? (This was well before my years in Chapel Hill.) I know that the Dairy Bar was the place that took out the seats altogether after the sit-ins as a way not to seat anyone.

Jason Mazzone

That used to be the College Cafe, the site of a picket by the Student Peace Union on April 5, 1963, which subsequently led to additional pickets and sit-ins of other segregated facilities.

Alfred Brophy

Richard--good call on the Pita Pit. I need to learn some more about the Dairy Bar -- once I find that out, that'll be another civil rights trivia photo.

Jason's right that it was the College Cafe.

Bill Turnier

Richard's comment reminds me of a humorous essay by Harry Golden, editor and publisher of the Carolina Israelite in Charlotte. He observed that in the South mixed race lines to enter establishments and buses were quite acceptable. People of different races walked down the same streets. This he called vertical integration as I recall. It was only when people went horizontal-sat down-that racial segregation popped up. Golden satirically suggested that if we took all the seats out of buses, theaters and the like, the problem would be solved.

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