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February 07, 2012


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Daniel S. Goldberg

Where will you be speaking, Al?

Alfred Brophy

Hi Daniel--thanks for asking. It was a discussion for an internet show, lawyer2lawyer. I'll put a link up when it's available tomorrow. Lots to talk about here. And I think there's a real opening for some more work on just who was selected for sterilization and why.

Daniel S. Goldberg

Great, thanks. Agreed on the criteria for selection. My department has been discussing the issue extensively, especially as it related to Pitt County and ENC, the former of which was a center for the performance of salpingectomies given the presence of the hospital here in the 1950s and 60s.

Alfred Brophy

Here's a link to the podcast of our discussion:

Daniel S. Goldberg

Thanks, Al.

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