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February 27, 2012


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My least favorite is still probably a sticker of Calvin peeing on something (a Ford or Chevy logo, often, depending on one's taste in trucks.) But recently I saw a car that had the stick man, and then a stick kid on its side and the stick dog on its back w/ the legs up in the air. I wasn't sure what this meant, but I did like it better than may second least favorite thing, the "In loving memory of X" display on the back of a car. Maybe it was fulfilling the same role.


I also very much dislike the sticker families, but I will admit that I enjoyed two variations that I took to be ironic. The first was two men and two dogs. The other - and my favorite - a single woman and one cat (though more cats would have been even funnier).


And is this really the safe thing to be doing? There are unfortunately quite a lot of crazy people out there. What are people thinking when they advertise to the world what lives in their house???

Eric Fink

The Web comic XKCD had a nice satire of the family stickers:

I'd like one where the kids are fighting, mom and dad are swigging bottles of booze, and the dog is humping dad's leg.


Great post!!

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