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January 18, 2012


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Matt Bodie

Thanks for sharing this. Very hard to listen to. It's remarkable to hear about the SS having "remained decent" in the face of the Holocaust, but understanding the moral logic is important to locating it within human experience, as you say. One note: I believe the June 30 reference is to the Night of the Long Knives?

Eric Muller

Matt, yes, that's what he was referring to.

Len Rotman


Another important post you have made regarding the Holocaust and the Nazi atrocities carried out under it. The matter-of-factness that characterizes most of Himmler's speech is bonechilling, given its substance. This is, indeed, difficult to listen to, but important for all to know about. Thanks for posting it. Len

Adventure Racing

Great thanks for sharing this! This is quite interesting fact to read on.

Daniel S. Goldberg

Also extremely important here is the idea of contamination, and Himmler's reference to the bacillus that is money and valuables that were in Jewish possession. Robert Jay Lifton's concept of the biocracy in the Third Reich accounts for this idea very well, of the infection in the Volk that the Jews represented, and that the contagion of this impurity had to be prevented at all costs.

Thanks for posting this, Eric.

Robert P. Burns

If I remember correctly, Hannah Arendt discusses that speech in her Eichmann in Jerusalem in the chapter on "The Final Solution."

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