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January 24, 2012


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Bob Strassfeld

Actually, "Oy" comes to mind.

Kelly Anders

I'm thinking "meshugana."

Eric Fink

A shonda. Even by ironic hipster standards, that's just really in bad taste.

alta charo

Interesting comments. I'm not sure how I feel about the shirt - except that I look so zaftig in t-shirts that I am exempt from having to decide whether to get one of these shmattas. But I can imagine that the designers had in mind that kind of take-your-insult-and-turn-it-around chutzpah thinking that led to "queer and I'm here" or "I support Obamacare" t-shirts. Is that a possibility? Or are these designers truly a bunch of shmendricks?

Bill Turnier

Having just finished Clara Kramer's "Clara's War" last night, this did not come at a good time for me.

Howard Wasserman

If the shirt just contained the yellow jude star, it would comes across as a bad example of hipster irony (or ironic hipsterism). Given the Yom Ha'Shoah above it, it strikes me more as a "never forget" reminder.

Len Rotman

I don't like it at all. There are better ways of being proud of one's Jewish identity or showing solidarity with those who perished in the Holocaust than wearing the yellow star that identified innocent people for Nazi persecution.

See my post at


Larry Catá Backer

Wow indeed; still the pattern of seeking to evidence triumph through of the inversion of signs, from the Cross to "queer" is a strong cultural marker in the West.

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