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January 11, 2012


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Daniel S. Goldberg


Although I am no historian of eugenics -- I am closer to actually "doing" disability history and am almost necessarily an interested outsider in the history of eugenics insofar as 20th c. disability history literally is albeit not reducible to the history of eugenics of the same time -- I am not sure yet how much forward progress this constitutes.

Of course, the fact that Our Fair State is even considering compensation for victims of involuntary sterilization is unique, but the way forward, so to speak, is not contingent on the recommendation of the gubernatorial Task Force. Rather, moving on leads through the much steeper road of the Legislature. They obviously have the final say on appropriations, and if they do in fact approve any compensation at all, I will be most impressed!

Alfred Brophy

Agreed on everything, Daniel. Still, I'm grateful for every ray of sunshine.

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