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January 01, 2012


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Matt Sawchak

Is that Ollie's Barbecue of Katzenbach fame?

Alfred Brophy

I like that suggestion, Matt -- I should post a picture of Ollie's. Alas, this building is further north.

Bob Strassfeld

This is a wild shot in the dark. I noticed that you teach property (a course that I dropped after one semester before we got to easements). Is this, perhaps, the gas station (now with gas pumps removed)from Sanborn v. McClean (Mich. 1925)?

Alfred Brophy

Bob--again, a very good suggestion. I'd love to post a photograph of the lot from McLean. Any Detroit friends want to send that along?! Following along your property theme, Bob, I'd love to have any photos you'd care to share from Euclid. (I was working on my syllabus this morning and thinking about Ambler Realty, which I teach the first week.)

Alas, this building is further east. You're right that it was a gas station; it was also -- and this is a little harder to see -- a restaurant and motel.

Steve Clowney

Al, is it the Heart of Atlanta Motel?

Alan White

The restaurant setting for Lucy v. Zehmer, of Contracts fame, where two drunks objectively manifested their assent?

Alfred Brophy

Steve--I should post a picture of Heart of Atlanta, too, at some point. I dimly recall that it's been torn down--may be wrong about this.

Alan has it! Yeah, Alan. It's "Ye Olde Virginnie Inn," of Lucy v. Zehmer fame. I learned from a terrific paper by Barak Richman and Dennis Schmelzer that the restaurant was just up the road, along route 1 in Dinwiddie County.

I often drive that stretch of route 1 when I'm traveling between Chapel Hill and Washington -- somewhat slower, but much more pleasant the I-85. And so I thought, next time I'm there I'll take a picture. In case you're looking for it, it's on the west side of route 1.

Bob Strassfeld


You are right that the Heart of Atlanta hotel was torn down. There are pictures of it findable on the web.

I'll wait until the weather gets better so that my Euclid pictures can show off the city in its full glory, and then I'll send some along.


Alfred Brophy

Sounds fabulous, Bob -- good plan. And I should also say, that I'd like to hear from other folks who have building or monument trivia pictures. I'm always looking for pictures to post.

Jeffrey Harrison

High as a Georgia pine.

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