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December 03, 2011


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Bill Turnier

So. after I do this ;engthy google images search to find it, by using "university carnegie library" I came upon the picture of thsi library. I clicked on the picture and PRESTO, I am brought back to this very entry at Faculty Lounge. As my kids would have said in such circumstances: "Not Fair!" At least I was treated to a vast variety of architecture that housed or still houses these worth libraries.

Alfred Brophy

Very funny, Bill! This is proving tougher than the other trivia -- I would have thought that someone on here would recognize this. Shall I provide a hint by saying that this is in a state where you've taught (or perhaps currently teach)? It's a really beautiful building, isn't it?

Jason Mazzone

A. Howard Bean Hall, on the campus of Judson College in Marion, Alabama. Currently houses the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame.

Alfred Brophy

Jason! You're awesome. You got it. And I was thinking I'd need to give up on this one.

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