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December 01, 2011


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Mark Levin

Yes, we are all stunned, as this was so sudden.

Jon did all we are supposed to do. He was a stellar teacher, a prolific scholar across numerous fields, a colleague who shared geneously of his time, and relentless in the pursuit of justice outside of the academy.

In just some of their advocacy work, Jon and his wife Sherry Broder sued successfully on behalf of victims of Marcos era torture in the Phillipines, on behalf of many Native Hawaiian claims, and on behalf of Rusty the Orangoutang to alleviate Rusty's awful conditions in our local zoo. (Marcos victims have finally gotten some of their judgment claims paid out. Rusty got a spacious ocean-view habitat and a female companion.)

And all that took clear second place to his dedication to Sherry, with whom he regularly collaborated in work, and his three children. Ask him how they were doing, and he would just glow.

As another colleague pointed out yesterday, he was cordial and respectful even to fierce opponents. The strongest profanity any of us heard from him was "yikes!"

His passing is a loss for our school, state community, and profession, but of course most of all for his family to whom deepest condolences go.

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