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December 24, 2011


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Alfred Brophy

Thanks for this, Dan -- this is shocking. I was just reading a post by Larry at truth on the market a couple of days ago. I only met him once, now many years ago -- but remember fondly the energy and enthusiasm he brought to the conversation about my paper. His family and colleagues are in my thoughts.

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Season 4, Episode 7, Memoriam, is one of those 'Previously, on Criminal Minds...' episodes. But the problem is, I can't figure out what episode is connected to Memoriam, aka the previous episode. The sixth episode of season 4 has nothing to with Memoriam (4.06 was about a mexican immigrant murderer), and thus, I have no idea which episode links the two. Could someone tell me the season and episode number that links to Memoriam? Thanks.

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such as making americans receive and pay for health care
making it mandatory for americans sponsor programs to premote health education through taxes
banning transfat
putting large taxes on tobacco products
ticketing grown adults for not wearing seatbelts
enforced helmet laws

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