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December 17, 2011


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Howard Wasserman

Does anyone believe Gingrich will complain about a "judicial dictatorship in this country" or an insufficiently "modest" judiciary if SCOTUS invalidates the individual mandate or other parts of PPACA later this term? This is why I have so much trouble taking what he (or most other critics of "judicial activism") says seriously.


You noted that the appendix to Gingrich's white paper has a bibliography citing many noted legal scholars. From what I have read about Gingrich's work, there tends to be a pretty severe disconnect between what is in the work and what is in the bibliography. It is like the student who writes a term paper and then slaps on any impressive sounding names or book titles that he or she happened to stumble across (or crib from elsewhere).

I freely -- happily, even -- admit that I have not read anything he has written, mostly because a) I don't trust him, and thus judge him by his actions, not his words, and b) there is no way someone with as busy a schedule as he has had for the last many years would really have been able to write the volume of materials with his name on it.

Alfred Brophy

DHMCarver--I agree that there's a disconnect between what's in the white paper and the bibliography.

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