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December 04, 2011


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A procedure-related question: Does this imply that another committee vote usually takes place after the callback? Or by "positive committee vote" are you referring to the post-AALS, pre-callback invite vote? My understanding is that generally speaking, the committee only votes once, post-AALS.

Thanks for the clarification -

Jacqui Lipton

Sorry for any confusion. In our case, a committee vote takes place after the callback ie the vote to recommend the appointment to the faculty (as opposed to the earlier vote/decision to invite the candidate for a callback). Then the full faculty votes on the appointment committee recommendation to hire the person. There can be a time lag between the committee vote to recommend the appointment to faculty, and the actual faculty vote to make an offer, although ideally no one wants a huge time lag. Other schools may do it differently but I get the impression this is pretty standard.

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