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November 28, 2011


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

The "controversy" is an artifact of the dangerous shenanigans and nefarious activities practiced and propagated by Hindutva nationalist ideologues in India. It is equivalent or at least analogous to the sort of things practiced by the "Texas Taliban" (as Brian Leiter uses the term). There should be no "debate" here, for there's nothing to debate, as religious nationalists are simply trying to squelch contemporary scholarship that critically examines smrti literature in the the "Hindu" tradition. Assuming the veracity of your account, the OUP's India division and the University of Delhi should be ashamed of themselves for such egregious acts of institutional and moral cowardice. By the way, scholars in "Indic Studies," Asian Studies, Religious Studies, etc. are quite familiar with Ramanujan's scholarship, which is well-respected and frequently cited.

Alfred Brophy

Thanks for this, Patrick. I get that Ramanujan was a huge figure in his field; I was making the point that the attempt to censor his work increases dramatically the people who read it.

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