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October 14, 2011


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Bill Turnier

Iceland is a great place to visit. We did so with our children in 1986 and have a picture of all five of us on the wall in our living room. We are standing in front of a waterfall. Had I looked at it recently, I might have guessed you location. When we were there we used to have caviar on Ritz crackers for lunch and the Ritz cost more than the caviar. That may have changed as Icelanders gave up fishing for finance. Given recent events, fishing may make a comeback. Congratulations on your trip and presentation,Kim!


Did you try the hotdogs, which are supposed to be "the pride of Iceland"?

Kim Krawiec

Nice memories, Bill. Now might be a good time to revisit -- the crisis appears to have made Iceland affordable for Americans again.

Jack -- didn't get to try the famous hotdog stand, though I heard repeated stories of Bill Clinton's and Anthony Bourdain's visits (these from Americans, mind you, not Icelanders).

I actually will recommend two local restaurants: Dill, in the Nordic House,
and the restaurant at Budir

The five course dinner (I think they also serve a seven course) at Dill was really exceptional (I had the wine pairing and thus may not remember all the details correctly) and Budir is just an amazing place. The nicest hotel staff I think I've ever encountered -- they even made our stay on a night when the entire hotel (except our room) had been rented out for a field trip for local high school students pleasant.


Hah, thanks for the shout out! I was amazed enough by Iceland that when I got home I searched to see if it had law schools who might be interested in hiring American lawyers to teach.

I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, but I was amazed by the otherworldlyness of the lands; it really felt like being on another planet. I've posted a bunch of photos here for anyone who's interested.


Hmm, looks like my HTML link was stripped out. Try this:

Kim Krawiec

Great photos!

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