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October 18, 2011


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Another Candidate

Thanks, Carissa - it's great to hear a voice of reason in the chaos of callback reporting.

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of year when a number of VAPs and fellowships start hiring, so you could always consider working on an application to one of those programs just in case.

Paul Horwitz

To add to the last comment, as I said on Prawfs, don't forget about visiting positions at law schools either. It worked for me and led to a tenure-track position elsewhere.

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Very nice show with a lot of variety and well presented. It was a great job of community building which the local arts scene could use more of. Congrats to all involved. Great to see what local people can do.

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Vice Principal Joshua Greenbaum wrote in the letter that accompanied the bookmarks, "We hope that this very small token may serve as a reminder to people all over the world that there is true hope in the power of good deed, or what we call in Hebrew, mitzvot."

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