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October 10, 2011


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Question, which may be a silly one: can schools simply decide to increase their enrollment unilaterally without ABA approval? Will it catch up with them in the re-accreditation process? Or does the ABA accredit them for X number of students and they can't exceed that until the next round of accreditation?

Gary Rosin

The ABA does not directly regulate the size of the school. Many of the ABA Standards deal with the ability of the school to educate its students. Admissions is always a bit of a numbers game; many students apply to multiple schools. Most law schools admit more students than they expect will actually enroll. If something unexpected raises a school's "yield"--more of the admitted students enroll than the school had been expecting--the school ends up with an unusually large class. It can turn out the other way, as well.

Halley | Business Cards Online

That sure is a significant drop in the law school students. Do you think it has to do with the economy? Or the economy is just one of the many factors?

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