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October 18, 2011


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I have no doubt that it is attributable to Mystal's influence, but I have serious doubt that this type of nepotistic preference is good for anybody in the long run. First, it has all the problems of protectionism -- a person chosen not for their expertise but because they are your own graduate is presumably less competent than a person chosen for expertise, even though of course there will be exceptions and this might be one of them. More importantly, from the perspective of optics (which is what NYLS is presumably really interested in), how long before the sarcastic comment changes from "even the law school won't hire their own grads" to "those grads have to resort to getting work from their own law school"?


TJ, being a Venable partner with NYLS as your client is far, far different than having no job lined up after the bar exam and going back to work for the NYLS Center on Basket Weaving Law & Policy.

Also, how can a law school honestly encourage its alumni to hire fellow alumni (as my school does) if it's not going to take its own advice? Besides, you don't think the same kind of nepotistic behavior happens between Harvard grads?


lawyer, I am perfectly well aware that this kind of nepotistic behavior happens in every place in every age. Doesn't mean it is a good thing in the long run.

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