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October 09, 2011


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Susan Fan

His mate, Antonio Hernando, is expressed in very similar TERMS record that folk have charged several times in Parliament to be the last Rubalcaba responsible for the tip and, in fact, rift platinum: stepped up its accusations to be prosecuted for this cause its, former Director General of Police, V-ctor Hidalgo Garca.

Bill Turnier

Al, what a great memorial! It reminded me of a very moving memorial that Marife and I saw in Jerusalem that paid tribute to about 160 Israeli sailors who died in a sunken submarine. This one was like a submarine but you could walk inside it. It gave you an ery feeling once you were within, yet it was tranquil. I have never seen another memorial in a cemetery that enabled a visitor to physically interact by entering a construct and get a fleeting experience of the lives of the deceased.


You can read more about Mount Moriah Cemetery here:


Alfred Brophy

Thanks -- I'm going to put up some more photographs of Mount Moriah in the next couple of days. Pretty exciting cemetery.

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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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