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October 07, 2011


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"I assume a lot will depend on whether digital data is maintained or erased over time, and how easily accessible it is to future generations in terms of ability to access older formats and devices."

I have a box full of letters and post-cards, mostly from friends and a few from family, dating from the early to mid 90's. I don't have any of the emails from most of the time after that. I doubt that's too unusual.
(My parents did save, and print out, all the emails I'd sent them from when I was in the Peace Corps, though I sometimes wish they had not, as the most likely impression one would get is that I complained a lot.)

true religion outlet

Brown said he and his coaches are game-planning as they normally would for their game against OU this weekend, but are paying special attention to Sooners LB Travis Lewis and the rest of the standout OU linebacking corps.

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