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August 02, 2011


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Stanice Anderson

Nice! I'm looking forward to your future posts on this novel.

We would love to arrange to have the novel's author, Sharon Ewell Foster, come to give a presentation on her 5-year research and writing process. Part Two: The Testimony releases in February 2012.

Stanice Anderson

Here is the link to the Sharon Ewell Foster interview

Sharon Ewell Foster

Thank you so much for commenting on The Resurrection of Nat Turner.

It was a great story to follow and research; my bibliography is about 13 pages long. (pubbed in Part 2)

Just as an eerie aside, today, on Saturday August 13th in 1831, came the first appearance of the blue sun--an atmospheric event thought to have triggered the uprising led by Nat Turner. John Floyd, Virginia governor at that time, wrote in his diary, "...the sun shone blue, fully as blue as indigo." Strange, right?


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