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August 15, 2011


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I would have given up on this one...but he happens to be one of the 5 or 6 union generals I've heard of (that is, solely by name recognition--e.g., Custer, Grant, Sherman). So this turned up for me with a google images search of "general [name] monument".

Alfred Brophy

B! You're good. Very good. Want to fill everyone else in on who this is -- and where it is? I'm glad, I must say, that my questions are getting tougher.


The name of the statue is "Major General George B. McClellan" and it's in D.C.

Even without the hint, it looks like a northern uniform and it's not likely to be anything less than a general. My neural contamination by Google is now complete.

David J. Garrow

George Thomas, right? Thomas Circle in D.C. This is just an immediate reaction on seeing the photo, based on, I guess, having walked past it XX times over the last 39 years...I haven't clicked around to research or confirm it....

Alfred Brophy

B's got it -- and he's convinced me that the computers are about to take over. The wikipedia photo B links to is much better than mine; I was there one morning and the light wasn't good.

David--it does look like the Thomas statue, doesn't it -- they're both in DC. The McClellan statue is outside the Hylton near DuPont Circle. This is a good reminder that a lot of times the artists used standard models for Civil War era statues:

David J. Garrow

Apologies! Google shows that McClellan's at Connecticut and California, and I lived for a time on Wyoming between 18th & 19th (Wyoming's one block north of California), so I've certainly walked by this one dozens of times too... Sorry!

Bill Turnier

DC is wonderful with it's Civil War monuments. It leaves no doubt about who won the war. I enjoy the righteousness of the environment whenever I am there,

Alfred Brophy

Excellent point, Bill -- I need to post a few more Civil War monuments from DC.

Bob Strassfeld

It's interesting that McClellan got a monument. Maybe monuments in that era are today's equivalent of medals. My recollection is that there were more medals given out for the Grenada "rescue" mission, than there were people on the ground in Grenada.

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