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August 10, 2011


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Thomas E. Baker

On the subject of humor in judicial opinions, see this recent posting of mine:

Tim Zinnecker

Made my day! Thanks for the post!
Now if I can just work the opinion into my Secured Transactions syllabus ....

Jennifer Laurin

All right. I'm going to ask it. Putting aside general feelings about comedy in judicial opinions, how about specific reaction to the propriety of the topless bar/breastfeeding reference? In a wide universe of idioms, is that the best choice? Personally (and speaking as someone without experience in topless bars, but with experience breastfeeding in public), I was a bit, well, put off.

Jacqueline Lipton

Jennifer: I see what you mean and I myself am a breastfeeding mother at the moment, but I wasn't offended by the reference. I can't really explain why. Something for me to think about. (In my case I suspect I'm just so sleep deprived that I find anything funny...)

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