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August 27, 2011


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Mary Dudziak

A tip for anyone traveling in the path of the storm this weekend. Remember Greyhound. If you need to get out of or through the NYC or other hurricane impacted areas, that may be the only thing running. Cancellations in train service meant that my daughter nearly ended up on a train that would have stopped in NYC, rather than continuing to Boston, leaving her in the city without a way out, and without local public transit. I was able to find a seat for her on one of the last planes out of DC (and Delta had not jacked the fare up, which was nice), but in the course of looking for back-up plans, it was clear that train travel will be hard to book for the days after the storm (Amtrak sold out along Northeast corridor), airfare is at least double the price and it may be hard to get a seat, but as far as I could tell, Greyhound will be open for business with available seats sooner. And they can drive around any obstacles, while of course the train cannot.

Best of luck to all!


Stay safe and dry, Bridget! Things are a bit tense here in Philadelphia, but much less than other places. (I'm cautiously optimistic.) I'm mostly worried for the horses at the stable where my wife rides on Staten Island, not far from the S.E. shore- I don't see how they could all be evacuated, or know what they will do.

John Kang

Best of luck to Bridgett and all in NYC!

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