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August 19, 2011


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David Porter

Anyone interested in the monuments at Gettysburg can view many of them, and the story behind them, at
The Meade statute, including its legends, is at

Lisa McElroy

I visited Gettysburg this summer with my husband and two tween daughters. One incredible experience offered by the new visitor's center is the opportunity to have a private tour guide in your own car for a two-hour tour of the over 20-mile battlefield. The guide can answer questions or point out things your particular family might find interesting (for example, for a family from Kentucky, he can talk about the Kentucky regiments and point out the monuments).

Here's what's most remarkable: It only costs $55. Not per person, per guide. Taking our family of four to a movie would cost more than that.

My husband says the tour was his favorite part of our family vacation.

Alfred Brophy

Lisa--I saw several tour guides walking off with families for what looked like a tour. That is fabulous. Some years ago I stayed at a B&B in Gettysburg and the proprietor told me that she often has people who're studying to be National Park Service tour guides stay with her when they're taking the training at the local community college. It's an incredibly rigorous program and a lot of people as weeded out. They need to know a huge amount about military history -- as well as the war and the surrounding intellectual and cultural history. Sounds like a great career and a ton of fun for the people who have the guides as well.

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