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August 18, 2011


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Joan Vogel

This statue looks like Robert E. Lee.

Calvin Massey

I think it's of Lee and I guess it is on the Gettysburg battlefield, probably at or near the spot where Pickett's charge began.


Calvin is veeeeeeery close....

Alfred Brophy

Yes, Calvin is close! Very. Right town. Pickett's Charge had a lot to do with this statue.

Alfred Brophy

And I agree with Joan that it does look like General Lee.

Steven Harbour

Meade at Gettysburg

David J. Garrow

My immediate reaction matches Steven Harbour's choice: Meade at Gettysburg. But then my immediate instinct on Thomas (rather than McClellan) in D.C. a few days ago was all wrong.....

Alfred Brophy

Steven and David have gotten it *exactly*. Good going on picking this off.

It's Meade at Gettysburg, which is just a few hundred yards from the end of Pickett's Charge. I've got a post about this going up tomorrow morning, which talks about the plaque at the base of the monument.

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