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August 17, 2011


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Calvin Massey

Very interesting post, Al. The Meyer festschrift appears to have invited authors to identify American places of special personal as well as historical significance. It's fun to reflect, as you did, on places of your own. So here are a few of mine: the Pony Express station in Gothenburg, Nebraska (still standing, pretty much as it always was); the Little Big Horn (monument to Custer's arrogance and skillful tactics by Gall and Crazy Horse); the Antietam/Sharpsburg battlefield; Harpers's Ferry; the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado; the Columbia River Gorge; Pompey's Pillar, on the banks of the Yellowstone River, thirty miles or so downstream from Billings (with George Clark's name, date, and message carved into the sandstone). There are so many; it's a richly variegated land, always full of surprises and always changing.

Alfred Brophy

Those are all great ideas, Calvin; I've been to Harper's Ferry (once) -- had an awesome time. And ditto for Antietam. The rest of yours I still need to take in.

Bill Turnier

Of those on Calvin's list, I have seen Antietam, Mesa Verde and Harper's Ferry. They would all go on my list as well as Bunker Hill,the Old North Church, Gettysburg, Monticello, Shaker communities in KY and MA and Independence Hall and the 16th century Spanish fort in St. Augustine which predates all of our English settlements in the US. As Calvin said, this is a large and variegated land and I think that our lists are limited by our ability to get around it and see all the wonderful historic sights with which we are blessed.

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