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August 01, 2011


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Peter Yu

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Alfred Brophy

Yes, Peter, I like that. I linked to Harrison in my post (that's the one I said was creative). But Harrison says that's ”I see a drowning man, but I can’t swim, so he will have to drown.” No reason, of course, that it couldn't also stand for: "I'm drowning. Don't talk to me." or "I'm drowning, I can't talk now." or "I'm drowning help me!" Though I rarely find that the last one gets me help!

I'm still partial to --Y--. All of this makes me wonder if there's a theory of minimalism for emoticons?!

Kim Krawiec

Brilliant! I'm partial to --°--.

Alfred Brophy

--°-- will be me in a few weeks -- certainly by the beginning of October. But right now I'm only --Y--.

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