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August 04, 2011


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Unworthy Conversant

I think the PEM glances upon a fundamental, discomforting truth: That the necessity of a legal profession is inversely related to the literacy, sophistication, and education of a citizenry. By and large, nothing we do can't be learned on one's own through the careful study of publicly-accessible legal libraries. Unlike medicine, law is not replete with procedures requiring many hours of specialized practice in order to perform safely; and unlike mathematics, law does not require a particular type of mental ability in order to obtain competence. Like so many jobs, we are able to do what we can merely because we've read the right things, and paid attention in the reading of them.

Of course, this uncomfortable truth leads to a yet more disturbing question, one quite off-topic from Professor Rosin's original post: In filling the void created by the laziness and disinterest of our citizenry in the laws that govern them, do we in fact exacerbate conflicts rather than ameliorate them?


This article would be much better if it were written in plain, clear English and if it avoided acronyms like "PEM."

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