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July 07, 2011


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Colin Miller

The Evidence listserv is maintained by Roger Park of the University of California Hastings College of the Law. On the listserv, Evidence professors discuss current issues relating to evidence law. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to [email protected]. The message should have no subject line. In the body of the message, include: “subscribe evid-fac-l [your first name] [your last name]”. Make sure there is a single space between each word, and do not include the brackets.

Tim Zinnecker

In commercial law, consider the following:


[email protected]

[email protected]

Blogs: (bankruptcy emphasis)

Anonymous until I have the written offer

I have a question that I'm not sure who to ask, and this post seems like as good a place as any. I'm a recent law school grad, and chances are pretty good that starting next month I'll be teaching constitutional law and criminal procedure to undergrads in the criminal justice department of a university without a law school. (I've received the verbal offer and I'm waiting for the written offer.) Would I be eligible to participate in law prof listservs, or do I not count as a law prof since I'm not at a law school?

Colin Miller

Anonymous until I have the written offer: There are professors on the CrimProf listserv who don't teach at law schools.

Patrick Luff

New civil procedure profs should go to the address below for listserv and mentoring addresses, as well as scads of other useful resources.

Edward M. "Ted" McClure

Has he asked his librarians? As Faculty Services Law Librarian, answering questions like this is a big part of my job. See also

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