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July 21, 2011


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Alfred Brophy

I am surprised to learn that since 1990 only two schools have lost provisional accreditation (and apparently none have lost full accreditation). But by focusing only on who's lost accreditation, perhaps, we miss an important factor -- who's been excluded from even provisional accreditation. Do you know of any data on which schools have applied for provisional accreditation and not received it?

Also, Gary, I find these arguments about accreditation pointing in all sorts of directions. The above the law post you link to in your previous post quite clearly wants fewer law schools and fewer graduates. They're concerned about restricting competition (or perhaps I should phrase this more positively, they're concerned with preventing prospective students from paying for an expensive education). But by restricting the number of schools -- and particularly by focusing on HBCU law schools, which seem to have pretty reasonably tuition -- we're running the risk of increasing the cost of law school for those who attend.

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