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July 28, 2011


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Jessica Owley

I have gotten used to these references to Redyip but still don't understand where that name comes from -- something about a bird and a god names zarcon?

David Schraub

I know Chicago typically stays open all summer.

Jeff Lipshaw

I submitted a piece in early July when I saw how many in the 1-50 and 51-100 were taking submissions. I don't think it has changed much since then.

The fact that the law review is "open" on ExpressO, however, may or may not mean that there are students actually reviewing submissions. A summer submission may just end up on the stack to be read in August (if at all).

I'm guest blogging on Prawfs and may post something (a narrative) in the next couple days about my experience submitting over the summer.


"open" on expresso is not the same as actually reading the submissions. Our (very limited) survey suggested that most journals won't begin reading until August or September.


Jessie: I did a little Internet archaeology and believe that Orin Kerr (GW Law, Volokh Conspiracy), commenting at Truth on the Market back in Feb. 2008, may be the originator and High Priest of Redyip, the Great Bird of the gods of Zarcon, which announces the start of the law review placement hunting season.

Jeff: Thanks for your narrative at Prawfs. I concur - it's a crazy system.

BDG: Thanks for the survey results. I had missed your post and agree "open" could very well mean "gathering/collecting manuscripts in a bin for an August read."

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