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July 17, 2011


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Bob Strassfeld

Petersburg, Virginia?

Alfred Brophy

You're good Bob! You are darn good.

Bob Strassfeld

Thanks, but only so good. Your hint was a big help, since as I recall from Rock Hill and beyond nothing went smoothly or easily.

Alfred Brophy

Well, you know your Freedom Riders history! That bus station is now abandoned, I think. It's along a most exciting stretch of road, though -- there's a Baptist church in the next block that goes back to before the war. In fact, Petersburg is filled with some awesome and under-explored places. Given the length of the siege I'm sort of shocked at how much survived from before the war. And as legal historians may recall it's also the subject of a terrific book based in part on probate records -- Suzanne Lebsock's Free Women of Petersburg. So legal records, as well as buildings, have survived.

I clearly need to get an even tougher trivia question. Alas, I'm getting to the end of my summer pictures. I'll see about one or two more monument trivia questions soon.

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