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July 24, 2011


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Found it with google images as a top return for "cemetery pyramid." This is a strange one.

Alfred Brophy

B, You're good! You want to tell everyone what it is and where or shall I?


The Hollywood Cemetery Pyramid in Richmond, VA.

Alfred Brophy

Nice. That's it -- the pyramid built to commemorate the Confederate soldiers buried in Hollywood cemetery. Long time readers may recall that I blogged a little bit about Hollywood in a post about Mount Auburn last spring:

Now, to get to the "monument law" part of this -- there's a plaque in front of the pyramid that says "The Legislature of Virginia of 1914 has at the solicitation of the ladies of the Hollywood Memorial Association and the United Daughters of the Confederacy placed in perpetual care this section where lie buried eighteenth thousand Confederate Soldiers." Thus, this appears to be a case where the legislature either donated property (or perhaps passed a special statute for perpetual care). What's exciting to me about this is that we have a plaque commemorating legislative action to preserve a monument. A monument to the law of monuments!

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