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July 13, 2011


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Cool.I enjoy watching History Channel's Pawn Stars and seeing various old coinage.


And some of those coins really are old!

Alfred Brophy

I think we'll all agree that $2>poke in the eye.

Glad to see that you're blogging about stuff other than bar passage, Gary! Soon you'll be posting pictures, too, perhaps?!

Gary Rosin

LOL. Those charts are pictures, just not photos. But with a scanner and some Photoshop (r), I put up a photo of the coin.

Bill Turnier

The tough thing about coin and stamp clooections is trying to realize value on them. If you take your grandfathre's stamp collection to a store that deals in such items they will likely give you little more than face value. My dad got so mad about it that he started using old commemorative stamps to send us letters. Coins are a bit better especially if they are silver. Then their melt value alone is likely to be about 25 times their face value. At the top of the silver bubble I think dimes were worth about $3.10.

But they can be fun to own if you enjoy them. My son enjoys coin collecting so he is the proud owner of my dad's colection that dad accumulated over at least 80 years just as your grandmother accumulated hers.

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