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June 12, 2011


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I gathered that because when the alien touches you, you both become part of a better whole. It seemed the alien was missing a key piece of knowledge in how to build a successful ship, like the footage they watched in the school when the ship fell apart. The alien learned what what was missing in its link with the boy, both knowledge of models and shipbuilding and the love that humans can bring, and this enabled it to build the ship and leave.

Kurt Lash

As long as we are talking about models and movie references, it appears that the alien used left-over available parts from the original ship in order to build a workable flying "model." This, of course, is "Flight of the Phoenix," which did the same thing--and was made possible through the skills of one of the survivors of the original crash who knew how to make model airplanes.

The entire film, of course, was itself a collection of parts from earlier movies. We could go all day finding set pieces from the goonies (the kids, the cave), close encounters (the lens flares, the town evacuated by a military warning of disaster), E.T. (too many to count, but the flashlights in the darkness should be trademarked), the fugitive (the train crash), the alien desperate to rebuild his ship (district 9), alien (the alien), projecting the old film on the wall of the lost wife and mother (rollerball). It was great fun to see them all flash by. As my friend Larry Solum would say, "see it while it's hot!"

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