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June 14, 2011


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(For what it's worth, the California Supreme Court is located in San Francisco rather than Sacramento.)

Catherine Deane

The problem with his underlying theory is that there are many other reasons why minorities do not thrive at elite schools that have nothing to do with the LSAT score mismatch. He is trying to base his theory on a racist assertion because he is not a trained social scientist, and he is venturing into an area in which he has no expertise. Minorities in elite schools face many other obstacles such as lack of connections, lack of financial support making their time in school a struggle because they have to spend a certain amount of time working or doing other things that people who have dough can pay someone else to do for them, freeing up their time for studying and networking.

It's amazing how far people will go to try to prove that affirmative action does not work. Shouldn't we instead be trying to find ways to support minority students with lower scores such that once they are in the schools they can succeed and find meaningful work and contribute to society. This is the only way society is ever going to be equal, not by challenging and tearing down the structures that are already in place to promote social equality.

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