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June 04, 2011


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Michael Risch

Thank you for doing this series.


On the topic of small acts of resistance, you might read Hans Fallada Jeder stirbt fuer sich allein. Set in Berlin during World War II, it provides a frequently terrifying look at daily life in Nazi Berlin. It chronicles acts of resistance that lack larger political significance and yet have a great impact on the daily and moral lives of the people that perform them. It is a difficult book to read and not entirely satisfying, but especially interesting as it was written by a German immediately after the war. The book does not focus on the Holocaust at all, although the treatment of Jews in Berlin is described. The English translation is supposed to be good.

John Kang

The series was about as good as what I typically read in the New Yorker or hear on a thoughtful NPR documentary; surprising, wry, and touching.

Eric Muller

Thanks for the kind words, John.


Thank you so much for posting these. It is so difficult to strike the balance between looking towards the future and not forgetting the past. Your posts have helped me understand how different people strike this balance, and given me hope that there are dedicated people who will not let the rest forget the past.

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