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June 29, 2011


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I got it searching for 1840 AND courthouse on Google images...cheating, I know.

Alfred Brophy

That's ok -- this one's tough enough google may be necessary. When you want another hint, let me know.

Alfred Brophy

Following up my last post -- and now having replicated Anon2's search -- if you had the exact date the courthouse was started, google images would come to rescue (eventually). But I'm not seeing 1840 pulling it up.


1840 does pull it up on page 5 of the search results. That leads to the web page hosting the photo, which tells us:
"The xxx Courthouse, built in 1840, is a sophisticated Classical Revival building with both Greek and Roman details. The architect was Calvin Pollard of New York. The courthouse was a prominent landmark during xxxx in the Civil War."

Alfred Brophy

You're good, Anon!

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